Commodity prices have been rising steadily in recent years, and have entered a ‘super cycle’ of rapid inflation. Canada stands to benefit greatly from the current exceptional era of high commodity prices due to the robustness of its mining, oil, and gas sectors. Base metals, oil, and precious metals are all good investments for Canadians wanting to profit from the recent uptick in commodity prices. Canadians may boost their portfolio returns by taking advantage of the current commodities super cycle and properly using the country’s abundant natural resources.

Inferior Metals

Investments in base metals like copper, aluminium, and zinc may be quite lucrative during a commodities super cycle. Base metals are indispensable in the building and manufacturing industries, thus demand for them stays reasonably stable even in times of economic uncertainty.

Base metals are a good investment opportunity since their prices are determined mostly by market forces of supply and demand. Investors in base metals have benefited from the rising price of these commodities as commodity markets have become more volatile. Furthermore, base metals are often less influenced by technical improvements than other metals since they are crucial to the manufacturing of vehicles and other large-scale industrial items. Base metals investors stand to benefit from rising industrial output and the consequent demand for these commodities.

Hydrocarbons (both oil and gas)

The rising demand for petroleum products and increased oil prices have contributed significantly to Canada’s oil and gas industry’s prolonged era of expansion in recent years. Since the beginning of this expansion, Canadian investors have been able to reap the rewards of the rising price of oil and gas. The sheer magnitude of Canada’s oil and gas sector is a contributing factor to this pattern, since it makes the country a formidable competitor on the international stage. The Canadian government has also enacted a number of regulations to encourage investment in the industry, which should lead to even greater financial rewards.

Oil and gas investments may also provide more stable profits than those in other commodities since their prices are more stable. This is because supply and demand are the primary factors in establishing oil and petrol prices. As a result, both short-term and long-term investments provide lucrative returns to their respective sets of investors. New discoveries and techniques of production may lead to price increases, which is good news for investors in oil and gas companies.

Rare Metals

Gold and silver, among other precious metals, have long been seen as a reliable hedge against inflation and other economic risks. Many precious metals’ prices have risen sharply since the start of the current commodities super cycle, and this trend is predicted to continue. Canadians have a lot to gain from investing in precious metals, since the country is home to a number of very profitable gold and silver mining businesses.

Furthermore, many investors have opted to put their money into precious metals because of their minimal connection to other asset classes. This implies that precious metals tend to offer more stable returns despite the fact that other assets are dealing with severe volatility. Also, investors seeking a diversified portfolio might benefit from owning precious metals because of their high correlation with the value of national currencies.


In conclusion, Canadian investors now have a rare chance to profit from the rising prices of basic metals, oil, and precious metals thanks to the ongoing commodities super cycle. Canadian investors may get a better return on their money and aid the country’s economic growth by making smart use of the country’s abundant natural resources.

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